On November 10 and 11, the 11th GALP conference was held with the topic “Shape your future! Be Lean. Be Digital. Be Green."

This year's conference brought together a large number of experts and speakers from around the world, and presentations were given by speakers from as many as six countries (Croatia, USA, Finland, Japan, India, Slovenia), while Finland was a partner country of the conference.

A special feature of the conference was a virtual visit to the Nokia Smart Factory in India.

The conference was held at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb and gathered a record number of participants who attended online and live lectures. The ceremonial opening of the conference began with a speech by the President of Culmena, Nedeljko Štefanić, followed by lecturers from Nokia, Airt, Narayan, BeeIN, Gelco World, HT, Impulse Consulting, STI, Lindström, Bittium, Kaitotek, Intellbyte, IMPULS Consulting, and many others.

Anja Štefanić, COO of Culmena, gave a lecture on "Smart factories, what haven't they told us?", and commented on important steps that have not been highlighted so far, and which ensure the success of the project to transform the factory into a Smart factory. The results of Culmena's "100 Smart Factories" project and the use of Culis, a strategic-innovative methodology for implementing a new European industrial strategy for Green, Digital, and globally competitive European industry, as well as practical examples and experiences of companies that have already achieved enviable results at the path of transformation, will be shown.

Partners in the project "100 Smart Factories" participated in a roundtable discussion, where they talked about the project "100 Smart Factories", the solutions implemented to make the factory Smart, and the goals achieved within the Project.

Topics discussed at this two-day event were as follows:

  • 2022. – the best year for Green and Digital transformation
  • Who are the celebrities of Digital transformation?
  • Smart Factories –What are we not being told?
  • Practical experiences from the 100 Smart Factories project
  • National recovery and resilience plan – financial source for Digital and Green transformation of economy and society
  • Successful examples of Digital transformation in different industries
  • How can industry contribute to climate change mitigation?
  • European Dual transformation experiences

The conference concludes that 2022 is the best year for the transformation of companies, and the beginning of the acceleration of the implementation of the Digital and Green Transformation.


See you at the next conference!


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Date: 14.11.2021.