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The progress of the Industry, the growing number of Smart Factories, and the emergence of new tools and technologies pose challenges for Management, Managers, Supervisors, and Employees in factories. New tools and technologies require new sets of knowledge and they must be continuously upgraded. The global pandemic has shown that companies need to be agile, flexible, and able to react and adapt quickly. Supply and demand have a global character, as does competition.

Due to all the above, there is a great demand for Lean Managers whose task is to optimize business/production, use Lean tools and monitor their implementation, participate in project planning, analyze and assess the current and future state of the company and lead and guide teams in continuous improvement.


What is LEAN?

Lean manufacturing is a philosophy of business process management. It originates from Japan and focuses on reducing eight types of losses. Its mission is to increase value for the customer or every next in the value chain.

Lean is most often used as a set of tools to help identify and continuously eliminate losses, and the main results are improved product quality, reduced production time and reduced costs.

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Why enroll in LEAN Academy?


Increased demand for Lean Managers.

Practical examples and a mini-pilot project in your company.

Additional module: Lean Leadership and Presentation Skills.


Certificate for Lean Manager with a list of competencies.

Final trip and formal award ceremony.



The Lean Academy program consists of the following modules:


Lean basics

Introducing attendees to the Lean philosophy and Lean way of thinking. This module gives a brief introduction to Lean tools, introduces attendees to Lean losses and tools that work to reduce and eliminate them. Throughout the process simulation, attendees will gain insight into the benefits of working in a Lean way.

Lean tools (5S + Visual management, VSM maps, Kaizen, SMED, Standardization and balancing)

Using Lean tools on selected production processes in the company results in increased productivity, reduced tool exchange time and more flexible production processes. It respects the ideas for improvement from workers, maintains cleanliness of the workplace and production plant, and ensures quality occupancy of the space. In this module, Lean tools are covered in detail in theoretical and practical terms, setting the steps for the implementation and monitoring of Lean tool results, and eliminating losses with the help of Lean tools. Attendees learn in which situation to use each Lean tool.

Lean maintenance

Topics of this module are: introduction to TPM and autonomous maintenance, introduction of maintenance according to Lean methodology, application of these maintenances on selected processes in the company, elimination and shortening of downtime, keeping records of downtime causes and their elimination or reduction.

Lean Leadership and Presentation Skills

An important skill of future Lean managers is to know how to successfully motivate employees, clearly convey the purpose and importance of the Lean project, manage yourself and your reactions, manage conflicts, give good feedback and delegate tasks well. Among other things, our Academy is special in that we create Lean leaders and recognize the importance of such a module. All of the above leads to various benefits such as fewer errors due to communication noise, better business results, creating a positive outlook and team spirit, a better approach to work, and better management of emotions and reactions. In addition to Lean leadership, we have added Presentation Skills where on practical examples we teach how to successfully present any topic, the structure of presentations and how to prepare for various situations.

Production planning


Key Performance Indicators are important because they show progress towards the desired result. In this module, we will show you how to set Lean goals that we want to achieve within Lean projects and how to monitor results according to the requirements of production processes.


  • becoming a certified Lean Manager,
  • combines theory and practice, but the focus is on practical examples,
  • certificate with a list of acquired competencies:
    • Analysis and assessment of the current operational condition of the company,
    • Eight types of losses identification,
    • Usage of Lean tools and monitoring of the implementation of Lean production management tools,
    • Lean project planning and organization implementation,
    • Establishment of a Lean production system.
  • provides the possibility of Networking with future colleagues and potential employers,
  • additional module: Lean Leadership and Presentation Skills, where participants will gain knowledge on leading employee teams, especially in the phases of change,
  • possibility of employment for the best students,
  • going to field classes in factories and getting to know Lean on concrete examples,
  • introduction to different types of production,
  • acquiring knowledge from the greatest Lean experts in Croatia.


  • acquisition of employees who have the knowledge needed to optimize production without additional costs for the company,
  • by hiring a Lean Manager or educating existing employees, company can expect the following results:
    • increased productivity,
    • more efficient business processes,
    • better change management,
    • shorter process time,
    • expense reduction,
    • better communication with customers,
    • higher quality,
    • greater employee motivation,
    • greater efficiency,
    • better interpersonal relationships at work,
    • reduction of eight types of losses,
    • greater potential of the company in terms of business results.


  • Program duration: March - July 2022.,
  • Venue: Westin and Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb,
  • 14 days of lectures,
  • 2 field classes in Croatian manufacturing companies,
  • Final exam for obtaining the Lean Manager Certificate,
  • Final trip and formal award ceremony.


Lectures are given by experienced lecturers, who will introduce you to Lean methodology, tools, methods, and trends. In addition, they will guide you through the application of Lean tools on specific examples from production, but also in the form of fieldwork, in the factories themselves.


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Price – 24.139,20 kn + PDV / 3.200,00 EUR + PDV


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March - July 2022.



Westin and Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb



24.139,20 kn + PDV / 3.200,00 EUR + PDV



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