Celebrating our 15 years with you!


We design new and improve existing products, services and processes for our clients. We create ideas for Smart solutions. Per our client’s request, we develop a new Smart solution/product or we realize their own idea.


You can safely entrust us with a complete development of a Smart product/solution, from an idea to implementation. Our team is made up of top experts that work by Lean methodology. The client is our priority and the whole project development process is set up in such a way that it produces the maximum added value.


After the idea is developed and realized, we start the implementation of product or service and process optimization in the company. We apply the best methods and tools in the world which give the best outcome and effectiveness in resolving a company’s challenges.

  • Custom made Smart solutions
  • Smart factory model
  • Smart city
  • Smart sensors
  • Smart components
  • Smart plugs
  • Lean management
  • Digital transformation
  • Digitalisation strategy
  • CULIS methodology
  • Green consulting