Years of foundation and first projects

We were founded in 2004, and 2005 was marked by our first project - Expo in Japan. The organization of events, projects in the field of culture and education and business consulting marked our first years of work.



First Green And Lean Production Conference

We organized the first Green And Lean Production conference in Zagreb where Michael Ballé, a world Lean expert and author, was one of the speakers. In order to spread awareness about Lean, the next step was to gather companies and experts, and thus the GALP conference was created. Companies that work or want to work according to Lean, have been given a place to share knowledge and experience. As part of the conference, participants visit factories and companies that demonstrate the application of Lean.



Expo in Japan

The Expo in Japan (Culmena’s project with the recognition of the Emperor of Japan) introduced us to Toyota Japan and their way of working according to Lean. After Japan, we also got to know the American market and were educated at MIT. We decided to acquaint Croatian companies with the advantages of this methodology. Upon our return, we started with the first implementations in Croatian companies.



Lean and Improve Croatia

We are opening new areas of Lean implementation in Croatia. Banks, hospitals and service industries want to optimize their processes and apply Lean in their work, and we emphasize the universality of its application in different companies. We are launching the Improve Croatia initiative, with the message that there is room for process improvement and optimization everywhere.



First Lean Spring Summit Conference

We organized the first Lean Spring Summit conference, that takes place in the spring on our beautiful coast. The two-day conference connects the economy and science and brings the latest trends in Lean and Digitalisation. With GALP, LSS becomes the second annual conference in our organization.


2016. – 2018.

CULIS methodology

We gathered a team of experts and worked on the development of a national platform for digitalisation of the industry of the Republic of Croatia. We participated in the meetings of the European Commission and the G20 meeting on the digitalisation of world industry. Along with Lean, we are also working hard in the field of Digitalisation and Green, which results in the Culis methodology.



100 Smart factories

On the occasion of 15 years of existence, we are rebranding and coming out with the project "100 Smart factories", which we present at a press conference. This project allows manufacturing companies faster Lean, Digital and Green transformation that results in less costs, and provides many benefits. The project is based on the Culis methodology, which is the result of many years of experience in working with manufacturing companies.



Croatia - Industry 4.0 Opportunities

The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts sees our project "100 Smart factories" as one of the great opportunities for the Croatian economy. They have included us in the brochure "Croatia - Industry 4.0 Opportunities". We launched the Economic Clinic in response to the crisis caused by COVID-19 to help companies save jobs and maintain business.



A new phase of the "100 Smart Factories" project and the launch of the Lean Academy

In 2021, the "100 Smart Factories" Project was joined by nine Partners who, with their specialization in areas important for Smart Factories, give the project additional strength. Also, the Project received a new visual identity, and a Roadshow through Croatia was organised, with to goal to introduce Project to large number of companies. In 2021, we launched the Lean Academy, an educational program that allows attendees to become certified Lean Managers.


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