Leadership & Communication

The importance of leadership and communication

In order for a business to be successful, effective management is needed at all levels of the company. Most companies have an organization divided into teams, led by Team Leaders. The most successful are those teams that are led by leaders.

What are the characteristics of a good leader?

He/She communicates well and adapts communication to each team member
He/She is empathetic
Has clear vision
Participates in activities
Defines tasks transparently
Seeks feedback

"We cannot lead others if we have not learned to lead ourselves." Robin Sharma, leadership expert

Leadership & Communication

By his behavior, the leader sets an example to all members of his team. He does not command, but leads. HIs task is to inspire the team and help each team member to make the most of all their potential. He is also responsible for the satisfaction of team members that is reflected in business results. It is an outdated philosophy in which leadership is based on fear, domination and control.

The new leadership philosophy is based on cooperation, trust, inspiration, support and integrity.

A very important part of Leadership is self-management. It refers to the management of personal resources - time, tasks, goals, and includes awareness and development of personal potential.


Difference between managers and leaders

Leadership & Communication

The manager is responsible for meeting the goals of the organization and managing his subordinates. All managers can also be leaders, and this combination affects better business results, more motivated and satisfied employees and the execution of strategic, tactical and operational goals of the company. Leaders achieve business goals, but they are also focused on the "soft" parts of the business - employees, relationships, long-term goals and vision.

Leaders show a high degree of emotional intelligence. It is based on self-awareness, the ability to manage one's emotions, motivation and behavior, understanding other people, and creating successful relationships and communication with other people. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be increased and developed with a variety of tools.

Leadership & Communication


Good communication is the foundation of all personal and business relationships. The way we communicate creates a perception of us as individuals, both private and business. Just as a smile and a nice word open all the doors, so good business communication opens up various business opportunities.

There are different types of communication and it is important to know when we are using which. It can be learned.


Education and modules

Our in-house workshops are a combination of practical exercises, role-playing, communication planning and scenario exercises. A great atmosphere awaits you at the workshops, where you learn through a fun and relaxed approach, because it has been proven that this is the fastest way to acquire knowledge.

We test the way of communication and correct it on the spot, giving tools for proper communication. In-house workshops are for 8-10 people, but smaller groups and work with individuals are also possible.


Education includes the following modules:

Self-management and team management
SWOT analysis - personal and team
Proper communication
Conflict management
How to create a successful team
Motivating the team and individuals
Giving feedback
Stress reduction tehniques

What can you expect after the training:

  • Simpler and easier communication

  • Better cooperation

  • A more pleasant atmosphere

  • Better motivation of team members

  • Recognizing one's own and team's strengths and weaknesses, turning weaknesses into strengths

  • Less conflicts

  • Greater satisfaction in doing everyday work

  • Discovering the talent and strength of team members

  • Fewer errors due to noise in communication channel

  • Better business results

  • Transparent communication

  • Creating team spirit

  • Creating a positive perspective

  • Better approach to work

  • Increasing employee engagement

  • Better management of emotions and reactions

  • Getting techniques to reduce stress and relaxation


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