Industry 4.0 readiness Audit

Requirements of today's market have encouraged Croatian's companies to change their business and transform in the direction of Industry 4.0. Before the business transformation, it is necessary to clearly determine the current state of the company and areas for investments.


What is the Industry 4.0 readiness Audit?


Readiness Audit is Culmena's service that provides companies with insight into the current state of processes, equipment and resources with regard to the requirements of Industry 4.0, and provides numerous benefits to all companies planning to invest in equipment, modernization of production lines, Digital transformation or transformation into a Smart factory. Also, Audit is the starting point for making business decisions and determining investment priorities.

The result of the Audit is a report that clearly represents the actual state of all departments in the company and defines the key investments and the necessary steps for stabilization, optimization, modernization or transformation of the company.


Methodology of work

The method of work is based on Culmena's innovative transformation methodology Culis, and includes a detailed analysis of all business processes, existing technology, employees and organization in key departments of the company with regard to the three foundations of transformation into Smart factory: Lean, Digitization and Green.

The analysis covers all key areas of the company's activity required to meet the market requirements of Industry 4.0 and to assess the representation and potential of key Industry 4.0 technologies in the company.


To whom is this service intended?

This service is intended for manufacturing companies from various industries.

After the Audit, the company will receive a report, based on which, it will gain insight into:

  • The current level of Lean implementation,
  • The current level of digitalization,
  • The current level of environmental sustainability,
  • The current state of processes with regard to the Industry 4.0 requirements,
  • The current state of technology with regard to the Industry 4.0 requirements,
  • The current state of resources with regard to the Industry 4.0 requirements,
  • Readiness of the organizational structure for Industry 4.0,
  • Employee Readiness for Industry 4.0.

Benefits for the companies after the Audit

  • Identifying key areas for investment in the company,
  • Determining the direction of growth and development of the company,
  • Identifying key Industry 4.0 technologies needed to improve business,
  • Preparation for development of strategy for transforming a company into a smart company.

Audit duration

The estimated time of the Audit is up to 10 working days, which includes:


- 1-3 workdays for evaluation of the company, depending on the size and complexity of the company

- 5 working days for analysis and writing of report by consultants and presentation of analysis and improvement suggestions.


If you want to know the readiness of your company to the industry 4.0 requirements, contact us with confidence!