The event took place under the baton of the famous Croatian presenter, Mr. Fran Ridjan, with the excellent DJ Luca Goya and the performance of the great Croatian opera diva Sandra Bagarić, accompanied by Darko Domitrović.


Professor Nedeljko Štefanić gave a welcome speech, and we had the opportunity to hear a few words about cooperation with Culmena from the clients, from Manuel Brković, CEO of the supply chain at the company Podravka, and Blaž Svilan from the company Lean Scheduling Europe. Our operational director Anja Štefanić announced Culmena's dynamic and interesting business ventures with her inspiring speech and concluded the entire program.


We would like to thank everyone who graced this event with their presence, as well as everyone who has been following us for the last 18 years!


An exciting period awaits us with new projects, and we invite you to continue following us.


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Date: 14.09.2022.