Through practical and dynamic lectures by Nedeljko Štefanić, project manager Ivan Biondić, Anja Štefanić, Blaž Svilan, and Robert Obraz, participants gained knowledge about production optimization, the use of Lean tools, identification of losses and other topics, such as analysis and assessment of the current operational state of the company, identifying eight types of losses, using Lean tools and overseeing the implementation of Lean production management tools, Lean project planning, and organizational implementation, and establishing a Lean production system. Over the course of four months, Lean Academy participants had the opportunity to visit the production companies Spinvalis, Končar električna vozila, and HF Belišće. The practical part of the education was done through mini pilot projects. Thus, the participants from the company Končar električna vozila worked on the time-saving service of Zet's vehicles, the participants from HF Belišće on enforcement LEAN implementation on the Entlader subassembly, and the participants from the company Spinvalis worked on solving the problem of the removal and delivery of goods from the warehouse.


At the end of the program, a ceremony was held to award Lean Manager certificates and a final trip to Ilok. A tour of the Old Cellar, which dates back to 1450 and was the first cellar built for wine production and storage in this part of Europe and the world, was organized by Iločki podrumi. There was a tour of the city by electric train and a visit to the Principovac and Vukovo locations, where top varieties of wine are produced and where you can enjoy the view of the vineyards. Over the past twenty years, significant investment cycles have been carried out in the restoration of neglected and war-ravaged vineyards, cellars, and other commercial facilities of the company Iločki podrumi d.d., and for the first time the summer house and country estate Principovac is being completely renovated, which is "transformed by the vision and emotion of the responsible owner to the most innovative, unique for this part of Europe, eno-gastro tourism destination." The entire experience was completed with a wine tasting and a dinner with local specialties.

The third generation of the Lean Academy opens its doors to new participants at the beginning of January, or in case of great interest, even earlier. You can already register at LINK.


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Date: 19.07.2022.