Business digitalization

Creating smart factories and digitizing jobs and production processes.

The emergence of new digital technologies such as IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, 3D printing and others, requires rapid changes at the strategic and operational business level.

The application of digital technologies and Industry 4.0 in factories and enterprises significantly influences changes in existing value-added processes and enables the improvement of business processes and the possibility of flexible production. The main goals of Industry 4.0 are to create smart factories, digitize business and production processes to increase overall quality, reduce production and operating costs and increase production flexibility and efficiency. Due to its universal principles, Industry 4.0 can also be successfully applied in Healthcare, Administration and the education system. In this way, the costs of providing services are reduced, the duration of the service cycle is shortened and the efficiency of energy systems is increased.

Business digitalization
Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Digital strategy includes employee education with the aim of accepting Industry 4.0, definition of the company's goals in a certain period of time, performance indicators, assessment and presentation of the future situation, as well as assessment of the company's progress in individual business sectors. Also, in addition to leading your business through digitalization, Culmena ensures the involvement of its technology partners to transform your business quickly and securely.

Product and service digitalisation

Product and service digitalisation

With the appearance of new technologies, products should also undergo transformation and modernization. For example, sensors can be added to existing products to collect data and use it to achieve business goals. Existing services can be upgraded to be delivered as soon as possible, with added value for the customer.

Digital transformation of business

Digital transformation of business

Based on the current state of the company, a team of experts provides a proposal and recommendations, as well as an implementation plan in order to transform the company as soon as possible, with minimal resources. In addition to suggestions and recommendations, we participate in process management and implementation. A large number of partners allows us to fully implement the process.


Expected results



higher productivity


less manual work


shorter duration of production or service delivery cycle


higher income

Additionally, Digital Transformation will allow you to achieve:

  • Lower costs

  • Less risk

  • Higher efficiency

  • Greater flexibility

  • Recognition of anomalies in real-time processes

  • Customer satisfaction orientation

  • Delivery to customers on time

  • Equipment reliability

  • Use of renewable energy sources

  • Application of advanced digital technologies

  • Joint work of employees, robots and machines

  • Increased availability of existing machinery and equipment

  • Digitalisation of important services in the company

  • Increased level of digital knowledge and skills of employees at all levels