Improve Card

Improve card is a web application for improving the way companies operate, through monitoring key performance indicators.

Applicable in all types of companies and in public administration
Use of colors (green = good, red = action)
Allows timely reactions
Continuous improvement monitoring
Assistance in making conclusions

It allows owners, directors and employees to monitor the results of individual business areas and to take the necessary measures. The user selects which business areas are to be monitored, such as sales, scrap, number of errors, etc.

The application offers a user-friendly overview of selected areas and tracking trends and results.


Improve card is applied in three levels:

Manual data entry or download from prepared files
As an IoT solution in which data is taken from the machines themselves
Application of artificial intelligence to support decision-making

The special value of this web application is that the data is located in the Cloud and management can use it, even if it is located in another country or on another continent.

This web application contains a system that allows the company to continuously improve and enhance through monitoring performance indicators, while growing.

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