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13. GALP conference


Welcome to the official website of the GALP - ChalLEANge 2023 conference!

We are thrilled to announce the largest conference in the field of Lean, Digital, Green and Leadership in Croatia. This event will take place at CineStar in Z Centar Zagreb in November 2023.

See how it was at the conference GALP chalLEANge 2023!






One of the key topics of the conference is Lean management, which has become increasingly important in the business world. Lean methodology promotes continuous improvement, waste elimination, and process optimization to achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. The conference will showcase the latest techniques and tools for implementing Lean principles in various industries.

  • Lean methodology and continuous process improvement
  • Business efficiency and cost reduction through the Lean approach
  • Lean principles in inventory management and market demand responsiveness
  • Lean culture and change management
  • Speaker's experiences and outcomes





This unique conference brings together top experts in the fields of digital transformation, information technology, and artificial intelligence to explore the latest trends and innovations in these areas. We will focus on topics that are crucial for organizational success in the digital age. Our emphasis will be on digital transformation and its role in shaping the future of business.

  • Digital transformation and its impact on various industries
  • Innovations in the field of digital technology and marketing
  • Data analytics and intelligent systems
  • New business models and industries in the digital age
  • Case studies and practical examples





During the conference, this hall will be the venue for inspirational lectures, panel discussions, and workshops focused on understanding the challenges and opportunities of the green, circular economy. Speakers will share their experiences, highlight best practice examples, and discuss the latest technological innovations and trends that support sustainable development.

  • Sustainability and the impact of business on the environment
  • Renewable energy sources and circular economy
  • Innovations in the green industry and environmental protection
  • Socially responsible business and sustainable practices
  • Practical examples





Leadership is a key factor in the success of any organization, which is why the conference will address topics related to leadership skill development and team management. Participants will have the opportunity to hear inspiring speeches, participate in panels and workshops, and establish new connections with other experts in the field of leadership.

  • Development of leadership skills and team management
  • Innovation and creativity within the organization
  • Human resources management and employee motivation
  • Recognizing opportunities for growth and development in a dynamic business environment
  • Inspiring and real-life speaker stories





This special hall will be designated for presentations and pitching ideas during the conference. Start-up teams from various industries will be selected to present their innovative projects to the audience and introduce themselves to the market.

  • Launching and managing start-up projects
  • Technological innovations and trends in the start-up industry
  • Networking and connecting with entrepreneurs and investors
  • Pitching ideas and innovations and ranking
  • Success stories of young entrepreneurs



CineStar, Z Centar,

Free parking provided




The conference is open to everyone and is particularly intended for employees from various industries, entrepreneurs, board members, directors, academics, government representatives, business leaders, experts in digital technology, innovators, investors, sustainability and environmental protection experts, business owners, managers, journalists, students, and all other interested participants.




  idea exchange

  valuable networking

  inspiring lectures

  new trends and practices

  current topics

  top-notch speakers

  collaboration opportunities

  knowledge expansion

  access to new technologies

  market insights

  presentation opportunities

  personal and professional development

  contribution to a sustainable future

  good atmosphere


The ChalLEANge conference brings innovative ideas, inspiring speakers, and collaboration opportunities that you shouldn't miss.

5 Halls

There will be five halls, each thematically divided, where panels, discussions, and presentations will take place. Each hall will be dedicated to a specific topic, allowing participants to focus on the area that interests them the most.

500+ Participants

The program content will take place in 5 halls, with each hall simultaneously hosting a 5-hour program, resulting in a total of 25 hours of programming. The presence of 500 participants is expected. Among the participants, there will be key figures from Croatian and international companies, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and creating new business connections.

5 Topics

The conference will cover five key topics: Lean Management, Digital Technologies, Green Management, Leadership, and Start-ups. These topics encompass a wide range of areas and provide participants with an opportunity to explore the latest trends and best practices in these fields.

Networking in CineStar bar

After the rich conference program, participants with VIP accreditation will have the opportunity to connect at the Networking event, which will take place at the CineStar Bar. This event will provide a relaxed atmosphere for socializing and idea exchange, accompanied by excellent food and drinks, creating additional opportunities for collaboration and business development.

50 Speakers

There will be a total of 50 speakers participating in the conference, sharing new ideas, experiences, and knowledge with the participants. The speakers are experts from various fields and will provide inspirational and informative content, enriching the conference experience for all attendees.

Great media coverage

The ChalLEANge conference will receive extensive media coverage, providing additional visibility to participants, speakers, partners, sponsors, and all showcased companies and brands. Through media channels, the conference will reach a wider audience, stimulate discussions, and promote innovative ideas and solutions that will be presented during the event.



Participant experiences

Career journeys of industry key figures

New trends

Future forecasts

Case studies

Examples of transformations

Ideas for green business and projects

New technologies


At the ChalLEANge conference, you will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts in the fields of Lean methodology, digital transformation, sustainable development, and leadership.

You will learn new strategies, techniques, and the latest trends that will help you improve your business and stay competitive in the market.

This conference is designed to bring together experts from various industry sectors and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices. We expect participants to have the opportunity to hear inspiring success stories and engage in discussions about the challenges they face in their organizations.



Alongside inspiring speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, the ChalLEANge 2023 conference will also provide participants with networking opportunities and the chance to exchange experiences. The Networking event will enable participants to connect with other experts, forge new business relationships, and engage in discussions about collaboration possibilities.

Join us at the ChalLEANge 2023 conference to gain new knowledge, expand your network, and be inspired for new business achievements.




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