software for nonconformity

Quality control, nonconformity and error reporting process required for ISO 9001:2015 in 9 out of 10 companies has not been digitally transformed. In order to manage information, it is necessary to enable data availability in real-time to all employees that can recognize its value for company improvement. According to norms, production companies must have quality control in order to ensure a more efficient production.

Qualy is a software designed for manufacturing companies that enables digital monitoring of nonconformities in production processes. It enables monitoring of quality standards and simplifies the process of compliance with the ISO standard in terms of nonconformity management. The whole process is digital and it’s done in one place. This web application is compatible with all systems, and every employee has their own account for nonconformity submission. With each entry, it is possible to attach a document or a photo for a more detailed description.

Digitalized nonconformity monitoring
Statistics of problems within the production processes
Control of company status in the field
Easy integration
Reducing costs due to manufacturing errors
Quality control and correction of frequent errors

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