9th GALP Conference

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GALP Conference

Europe and the world are facing powerful and complex challenges in transforming their businesses in conditions of emerging new digital technologies that are rapidly finding their applications both in industry and in services (smart: factories, products, hospitals, homes, agriculture, energy, society) not leaving enough time to transform employees, processes, business models, products, industries, trades…

The main objective of the conference is to highlight the need for investment in the process of adopting new digital knowledge and skills of employees and artificial intelligence that will change almost all areas of human activity. The message that we want to send by this conference is that the synergy of Lean Management and Industry 4.0 supported by Human Resources and artificial intelligence can ensure the success of the transformation process in the reasonable time frame.

One of the issues that the GALP conference wants to address is the way in which new technologies of Industry 4.0 can be successfully applied to modernize the Croatian economy and society over the next 36 months (2019-2022).