We believe that every business and every company have room to grow, and our mission is to help them achieve that.

Our Mission


Culmena was established in 2004 with the goal of providing excellent service in areas of education, culture and sports. Our main areas of expertise are consulting, education, event organization, EU projects and marketing. The first big project we conducted was EXPO 2005 in Japan with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia.


  • Industry 4.0

  • Lean Six sigma

  • Lean management

  • Machine evaluations and feasibility studies

  • EU projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy and economy


As a successful global leader in digitalization and Lean management, Culmena is becoming a group that is improving other companies, institutions and organizations through excellent methodologies.

Culmena i misija


We create opportunities for growth and development for our clients, through innovations and excellent consulting service.

Culmena vizija

Prof.dr.sc. Nedeljko Štefanić

Improve Croatia is an original and structured methodology established by prof.dr.sc. Nedeljko Štefanić, and developed to ensure continuous improvement of processes, products, employees, productivity and work quality – in complex enterprises and in other organizations such as the Ministry, municipality, city and the state.


Improve Croatia methodology can be applied by those business and production systems that want to achieve excellence in all segments of activity using the approach of continuous improvement. The methodology can be successfully applied in health institutions, public administration, state agencies, municipalities, cities, tourist organizations, schools and associations.

The developed methodology is particularly effective in restructuring the industry, public administration, health care, the pension system, and it is very successful when combined with Industry 4.0 which ensures above average growth results of a country or region.

Implemented projects
Satisfied clients


Personalized approach

We approach clients in a personalized way, doing our best to make the client satisfied with the job and results. Customer feedback is important to us because that is how we grow. We are pleased to receive praise from our clients, but we are also looking forward to any constructive criticism because we want to be better.


Through all our active years, we have been implementing complex projects with excellent results, applying our knowledge and methodologies so the companies would become more innovative, creative and competitive on the market. Each new client and project are a new challenge we happily accept.


We believe that every business and every company have room to grow, and our mission is to help them do that.