Culmena has successfully been on the Croatian and global market since 2004. We were first to introduce Croatia to Lean Management and first to implement it into Croatian manufacturing and service companies with excellent results.


We are the founders and organizers of the two annual Lean and Industry 4.0 conferences – GALP and Lean Spring Summit, where we bring together numerous local and international experts and companies. Our current project is “100 Smart Factories” in which Croatian manufacturing companies have the opportunity to implement the most important knowledge and products in the areas of Lean management, digitalization and Green management. The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts considers our project as one of the greatest opportunities for the Croatian economy and they have included us in the brochure “Croatia – Industry 4.0 Opportunities”.


As a successful global leader in digitalization and Lean Management, Culmena is becoming a group that is improving other companies, institutions and organizations.


We create opportunities for growth and development for our clients, through innovations and excellent consulting service.


Implemented projects

Personalized approach

We approach our clients in a personalized way, trying to make them more than satisfied with the job well done and the results that follow. Our client’s feedback is important to us because we use it to improve our service. We are also pleased with praises, but we look forward to constructive criticism because we want to better ourselves.

Satisfied clients


We believe that every business and every company have room to grow, and our mission is to help them achieve that.



All these years, we are happily managing complex projects with excellent results, implementing our knowledge and methodology in order for the companies to become more innovative, creative and competitive on the market. Each new client and project is a new challenge which we happily except.


Do you want to improve your business?