Current state analysis

Before implementing new systems or methodologies, it is necessary to make an analysis of the current state of the company

We encompass specific departments in order to get the most realistic picture, and through years of experience and work we have created our own method that allows us to analyze your company in a shorter time.

During the As-Is analysis we also identify key performance indicators.

If you do not have defined KPI’s, we can define them during the analysis or we can set up new target values.

Some companies try to do it on their own, but the results don’t show the real situation.

The objectivity of external experts, the analysis methodology, experience and knowledge make it possible to objectively analyze company’s processes.

Companies decide to do the As-Is analysis because they:

Want to improve their business
Are interested to know their company’s current state 
Are going to implement a new system or methodology into their company
Want to compare the old state of process with a new one 

Do you want to improve your business?